Cogito Intelligence API Bulletin

-- Number 4, Sep 2014 --

Expert System brings you the latest news on our Cogito Intelligence API (CI API), from newly released features, to new demos and case studies

  1. New Features
    1. The Emotions feature masters about 80 categories making it possible to detect concealed emotional content within the text achieving a better and more focused emotions mining. Such information can be handled and associated with domain entities like People, Organizations, Places and many others.
    2. Following the emerging needs of an accurate cyber crime and cyber security text analysis, we provide a domain specific set of categories to perform deep categorization and Fact Mining of computer crime related documents. The taxonomy is capable of detecting specific cyber attacks, vulnerabilities and crimes like cyber frauds, DDoS attacks and Cyber piracy with a considerable precision.
    3. As of September 2014, our knowledge base has been revamped with more entities and detailed information. Counting more than 100 thousands concepts and domain entities, this month’s knowledge base is build with a new information architecture made to provide details and further information about core entities found in the text.
    4. We have now introduced URL clustering and deep analysis. This incredible feature is capable of normalizing, disambiguating and retrieving concealed information within URLs inferring their content.
    5. We carried out a full integration of Cogito Intelligence API in Google Search Appliance. Such joint work have been much appreciated by Defense contractors and many others..
  2. Upcoming Features
    1. Inference of text’s specs, quality and stats. Q4 2014
    2. Domain-specific abstract. Q4 2014
    3. Expansion of the Intelligence Taxonomy. Q1 2015
  3. Recent case studies - Ongoing side projects based on Cogito Intelligence API are:
    1. Search Engine: integration and search engine bias for relevant results with a large body of content
    2. Fact Mapping: Fact Mining geographic representation based on fact relevance. A cooperative application on a multi-touch interactive table.
  4. Live demo - You can try out the new Cogito Intelligence API live demo at
  5. Product documentation - Access documentation at detailed features data sheet, demo XML description, FAQs. Contact for further documentation.